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“Thanks” from Pioneers of Faith

Ministers and Missionaries give thanks for those who bring them dignity and honor through support they receive from Aged Ministers Assistance.


“I am 81 years old and don’t know what I would have done without AMA. I only receive a small check from Social Security. I have been a part of this beautiful family for over fifty years. I appreciate all the help that I receive.”

“It is a real blessing and I don’t know how I managed before the checks from AMA started coming. The checks make the difference between meeting my needs or having to go on welfare. Thank you so much!”

Decades ago they labored as church planters, pioneer pastors, and travelling evangelists. They gave their time, energy, and resources — sacrificing freely for the work of God. Often they had no funds to lay aside for their retirement years. And because they had so little income during their ministry, their Social Security check is very limited.

Now retired, many of these ministers are forced to live without adequate means to provide even the barest necessities. Only with financial help from Aged Ministers Assistance (AMA) can they partake of life’s necessities in their sunset years. AMA also helps with insurmountable medical bills or other unusual expenses not covered by Medicare and/or supplemental medical insurance. The Aged Ministers Assistance Fund is administered by the General Treasurer.

“Were it not for AMA, elderly ministers like myself would be in a terrible dilemma. You will never know this side of Eternity what AMA means to me. Your concern for me is overwhelming as my income is so limited. God bless you!”

“My wife and I praise God for your monthly support to us; we would not have food on our table, no way to get our medications, no way to pay our insurance without your check. Thank God for you and the churches for this support.”

Last year, AMA supporters helped almost 300 retired or disabled ministers and their spouses or widows. Through the AMA fund over $800,000 was given to meet their needs through monthly support and emergency responses. Aged Ministers Assistance helps provide the daily needs of food, housing, and medicine for aged or disabled ministers and their spouses who were living on a monthly income lower than the national poverty level. AMA is not a pension, but an emergency fund. It is underwritten solely by contributions from concerned churches and individuals.

A few excerpts from grateful recipients of the AMA Ministry:

“My sick wife needed some medications and warmer clothing. Because of your generosity, we were able to purchase exactly what she needed. We also took care of some increased utility bills that we had.”

“This year I am grateful for the special offering I was able to receive. I really needed it since my income is very low. I thank God that we are not forgotten in the last days of our life. Some of us are lacking in many essential things in our life. AMA is always a help to us.”

“To receive a letter or card and recognize that somebody remembered me is a perfect moment to feel happy.”

“Thank God for AMA and the monthly checks; they have been a real life saver.”

“This was heaven for me! I am 86 years old and on low income so this was a blessing for a real need. AMA makes life a little more enjoyable.”

“I am always amazed at your generosity. My taxes and insurance were due and I did not have the funds to pay them. Then the Lord provided.”

Each year at Christmas the individuals and churches that support the AMA ministry send a special Christmas Blessing offering for our aged ministers. Here are a few expressions of appreciation from grateful recipients.

“I could never thank all of you enough for the lovely Christmas check. I was out of food and other items and thank God He made a way for me. I truly appreciate you all.”

“The generous Christmas check was such a surprise and great blessing. We wept and praised God for the gift. Without it, we had no extra money to have gifts for our children or grandchildren.”

“My dad received the check from AMA and he voiced how blessed he was to have someone that loved and cared for him for his life’s work in God’s ministry. He was so thankful that his church cared about him now that he is retired.”

“Oh what a joy it was to receive the check and card from AMA for Christmas. I was concerned about being able to pay my gas bill and praise God He provided. I can never thank you enough.”

Please consider making a donation to Aged Ministers Assistance to help bring dignity and honor to these faithful servants.