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Sponsor a Child at AG Family Services

Sponsor a Child
Is a child’s happiness worth as much as a cup of coffee?

For as little as $25 a month you can make a tremendous impact in the life of a child. That's about the cost of a cup of your favorite coffee at Starbucks once a week. But can such a small amount really make a difference? It makes a makes an enormous difference to them just knowing that someone cares.

Imagine the pain of not knowing where your parents are and why you are not living with them. Worse yet, can you feel the rejection of the child who realizes they aren't wanted by their own mom or dad?

You can show them that someone cares about them when you help to provide the necessary things in life that will give them some self-worth by becoming a sponsor today.

You can help them succeed by being the hand of Jesus

Sponsoring a child resident at Hillcrest is easy and rewarding. Just download a Hillcrest Child Sponsorship Application (PDF), complete it and mail it to the address listed, or call 501.262.1660 or send an e-mail to

Child Sponsorship PacketOnce you are enrolled in the Sponsorship Program, you will receive:

  • A letter on the sponsorship process
  • An information sheet on your sponsored child including their birthday, closthing sizes, favorite colors, etc.
  • A sponsorship certificate
  • A picture of the child
  • A question-and-answer page on the most commonly asked questions about child sponsorship

You can can send letters, cards and gifts to your sponsored child at any time and the child will respond with a thank you card.

In addition, throughour the year, you also will receive updates on your sponsored child with new pictures and information sheets.

If you need more information concerning sponsorship of a child at Hillcrest or an expectant mother and her child at Highlands, please visit the sponsorship information page of the Hillcrest Web site or call 501.262.1660 or e-mail